How Did Bluetooth Get Its Name? It’s Royal Nordic Roots

Everyone, by now, is fully aware of Bluetooth technology which is pretty much ubiquitous in many areas – smart phones, entertainment centers, laptops, etc

It’s one of the greatest inventions of recent times – allowing quick and easy wireless connections between electronic devices.  While earlier revisions were super painful at times

The story of how Bluetooth came about – from the pile of competing standards, to the exact name, and its logo itself is quite interesting.

In this Jaba Article all is explained!



Reboot Your XFINITY Router from Your Mobile Device

How many times have you needed to leverage your decades of IT experience in network troubleshooting only to have the end result be, “Have you tried turning it off and on again?

I just had an experience where my parents’ internet stopped working, as it occasionally does when things get stale on the router (technical term I just created) and it needs to renegotiate with the ISP. Think of it as an “ipconfig /release and /renew”.

So not wanting to schlep over to their house I quickly Googled whether or not I could power cycle their router remotely in the off chance this was possible it’d really make things very efficient if they ever had internet issues.

Woah and behold – you can now do this with the XFINITY My Account mobile app for Android or iOS.

If you know your login credentials for Comcast (which I never do so I use LastPass on all my devices) you can log into your XFINITY account and manage your account, profile, customer service calls, WiFi settings, and even your router.

To reboot your router you can go to Internet Device > Restart this device and the app will send a reboot command through the internet directly to your router.  In a few minutes your router will complete its power cycle.

Of course, first you may want to disconnect your mobile device from the actual WiFi network/router which you are trying to reboot.

If you support friends/family then you’ll want their login info so you can remotely support them (I wouldn’t endorse having other people’s security info in most scenarios but if you have parents who yell at you about “the emails are broken” then this is a great tool.


Android: Choppy Bluetooth Streaming Fix

When I commute to work I spend half my time listening to the radio (NPR only) and the other half streaming music or podcasts from my Samsung phone to my stereo via Bluetooth.  I’ve noticed severe choppiness in the streaming lately, and even though I could tolerate it for a while, it was quite disruptive to my passengers so I finally gave in and searched for a fix.


  • Pioneer AVIC head unit
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • AT&T LTE connection
  • Spotify (music) or Stitcher (podcasts)

The most effective fix I’ve found had to do with Clearing the Phone’s Cache Partition.  I did it yesterday and have had clear, uninterrupted streaming since.  Think of the Cache Partition to be your phone’s Temp Folder which uh … caches files to speed up access in some apps. It’s similar to your PC’s Temp folder. (There’s actually another /data/dalvik-cache directory but that’s too complicated for this post)



  1. Go to the Android Recovery menu, Wipe Cache Partition, Reboot


  1. Turn your device off.
  2. Press and hold both the Volume Up and Home keys, then press and hold the Power key (so you end up holding all 3 keys)
  3. When the device beeps/vibrates release only the Power key
  4. When you see the Android Device Recovery Menu you can release the other two keys.
  5. Use the Volume keys to navigate to Wipe Cache Partition and use Power key to select it.
  6. Use the Volume keys to navigate to Reboot system now and use Power key to select it.
  7. The device will reboot and you should notice better Bluetooth streaming performance.