Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – First Trailer

The first official teaser trailer has been released for Rogue One and it was worth the wait.

  • Yes, we’re in an age where we need teasers to teasers-to-trailers-to-movies-to-post-credit-scenes!

First Impressions

  • I’m really enjoying Disney/Lucasfilm’s new Agile Film Development methodology…where they are planning to release one Star Wars film every year until the end of time. This will keep nerds in a constant state of anticipatory ecstasy and drowning in merchandise forever.
  • Love the action sequences – there’s a nice emphasis on actual martial arts and hand-to-hand combat which was a bit lacking in Episode VII (I did really enjoy the lightsaber fights between Anakin, Kenobi, and Dooku in the prequel series).
  • Liked seeing the “old” ships from Episodes IV-VI such as the Star Destroyers and AT-ATs along with a new/old black stormtrooper design
  • After listening to the Star Wars 7 x 7 podcast there were some interesting points made as to how to properly containerize the stories and characters of Star Wars: Rebels – the ongoing animated show on Disney XD and the Rogue One film.  The big question is regarding the statement that there would be “no Jedi” in Rogue One as well as Yoda’s mention to Luke that after he is gone…Luke would be the only Jedi left. As we’ve seen in Rebels, not all force-wielders need to be Jedi, or even Sith for that matter. Examples include Ahsoka Tano (former Jedi) and Darth Maul (former Sith).  This should be interesting to see if there are just no force-wielders (except maybe Vader) in the film at all or if we see hints of some ancillary characters.  Also, we may/may not find out the whereabouts of Kanan and Ezra during this time frame.

True Blood: Season 7 – 3/4 Season Recap

… and now for a brief pause while we turn our attentions away from Gaza, Ukraine, Ebola, etc …

Well, to say that TB has “jumped the shark” would be an exaggeration as TB has, more accurately, lackadaisically moseyed up to the shark, put its hands up and declared “mehhhh”.

True Blood, which has always been a half decent (meaning…half good, half crap) show overall, has developed an extreme case of senioritis.  In knowing that season 7 will be its last the show’s writers/producers have pretty much phoned in the entire pathetic story line, script, and action sequences. Previously we have at least been entertained by story arcs that have dealt with interesting characters (Russell Edgington, Godric) and conspiracies that have kept us semi-intrigued during and between seasons with some edgy cliffhangers after a well-paced season.

Right now I cannot think of a single story line in season 7 that is interesting – meaning…I actually give a crap about how the story progresses or concludes.  The characters are either dead, dying, or on their way out – mentally and existentially. The worst part?  I don’t care any more. Even the steadfast duo of Eric and Pam are waning and whining. Before this season they could have well had their own spin-off show detailing their decades of adventures but at this point … whatever.

Vampire shows have always had an “entertainment multiplier” augmenting their surface intrigue with complex and interesting back stories – the real power of many strong shows like Lost (and even Blade: The Series…which although was decent had back stories more interesting than the main show. True Blood has the most mundane flashbacks of Bill back in his pre-war years as a fresh-faced whelp courting his soon-to-be-dead-wife-and-kid.  He might as well be flashing back to churning butter or eating biscuits as nothing really happens; there’s not too much character development; and no one cares.

The showrunners have made it clear that they want to have every character just fade out of existence like Marty in Back to the Future rather than go out in a wet, chunky splat like most vampires in the show have done. The only thing that could make this season more ridiculous is for Sookie to leave Bon Temps on a quest to find herself and meet up with Dexter the Lumberjack in Alaska….zzzzzzz