Smallpdf – Compress, Merge, and Split PDFs Online

If you’re like me you work with a LOT of documents in both soft and hard copy. Although the world is becoming more and more paperless some of us still have to deal with hard copy documents which need to be (e)signed, manipulated, and scanned back into different electronic distribution systems – email, contract systems, etc.

Working with PDFs, although a great format, gets pretty messy quickly.

I have used PDFSplit! many many times as it lets you break up large PDFs into smaller files – imagine you scanned a dozen documents into one PDF file and wanted to process it all later – that would be the best use case for PDFSplit!

I just came upon a situation where I scanned a series of consecutive docs but needed to reorder them. This is where I found Smallpdf – another great online PDF tool which allows you to do the following:

  • Compress
  • JPG to PDF
  • PDF to JPG
  • Merge PDF – you can view in Page Mode and rearrange pages
  • Split PDF
  • Word, Excel, and Powerpoint to PDF

Basically you drag and drop a PDF file into the web app and begin manipulating from there.  There is a File Mode and a Page Mode.  Page Mode allows you to visually reorder pages which is very convenient.

If security is a concern Smallpdf states that the files you upload are kept on their servers for only an hour and no backups are made so that’s some good reassurance.


Five Best Desktop Video Players

Here’s a Lifehacker article on their opinion of the Five Best Desktop Video Players.

For the most part I’ve always avoided Windows Media Player and gone straight to VLC since it’s very lightweight and quick to start up lacking all the overhead of other media players. Plus Windows Media Player only works on the bulk of my video files (I primarily have .mkv files) after I install VLC, which adds the proper codecs.

I’ve used VLC on Mac and Windows and have had nothing but good results.

How to Link to a Specific Paragraph or Slide in a Google Document

Here’s a great tip for users of Google docs (aka: Google Drive now that everything’s integrated into the Drive application)

Instead of sending someone a link to your entire document you can send a link directly to a specific section of your document.

Lifehacker Article – Also has the process to link to a specific slide in Google Presentation

Abridged Process for Google Docs:

  1. Go to the section to which you want to link
  2. Click Insert > Bookmark
  3. Right-click Link and copy it to your clipboard
  4. Email it to your audience