Best Cheap Printer – Samsung Xpress M2825DW

After my nearly-ten-year-old Dell 3000CN color laser decided it didn’t like printing full pages anymore I did what any red-blooded IT person did….threw it off an overpass…just kidding but I already knew to attack this matter from an accounting standpoint rather than an IT-guy-who-insists-everything-works-forever mentality.

My printer was old and I had already replaced the expensive toner cartridges, of which there were 4, several times over its useful lifetime. I paid about $500 for the printer a decade ago which comes out to $50/year depreciation (or maybe $70/year after toners) and I figured that’s just about enough utility out of ANY computer product let alone a printer (which was designed as a toner-replacement-money machine from the get go). Time to go to Goodwill or the local e-waste program when it swings by the house next!

I’ve seen weekly Fry’s ads enough (I’m in Silicon Valley aren’t I?) to know that printers are often on sale and can be had any time of the year.

Several times I’ve seen the Samsung Xpress M2825DW in the ad and, after some brief research, decided to pull the trigger.  It was only $80 and the replacement factory toner is less than $40 which should be good for a year.

The deciding factors were:

  • Great reviews (4/5 on Amazon, PCMag, and NewEgg – which has some picky tech users)
  • I had no more real need for color printing (that’s what work’s for right?) 🙂
  • WiFi/Ethernet/Internet printing
  • 29 ppm
  • DUPLEX Printing
  • Includes a full toner cartridge good for 1200pp
  • $80

So far it’s been about 6 months and I love this printer – which I rarely say about utilitarian appliances.  It just works and works well.  The duplex printing (which, when printing out readings for grad school, combine with multiple pages/sheet) saves a ton of paper. I don’t miss color much at all and this thing is very easy to add to a system and start printing. I’ve successfully added it to Win8, OSX, and multiple flavors of Linux seamlessly.

I recommend this printer!  Plus it’s a nice, not too painful, business expense which can be written off 😉 Article – Best Cheap Printer


Is there any consumer area in which Samsung ISN’T dominating at the moment? I love their TVs, DVD players (when I still bothered with physical media for movies), printers, and apparently their Galaxy line of mobile devices is kicking much ass competing with the Apple offerings which are years behind.



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