Spotify: How to Enable High Quality Streaming Music

By default Spotify uses the following bitrates:

  • 96kbps on the mobile app
  • 160kbps on the standard desktop/web player and high quality setting on mobile
  • 320kbps on desktop and extreme quality on mobile (Premium subscribers only)


  • Spotify Premium Membership


  1. Open the Spotify player
  2. Click Edit in the menu
  3. Select Preferences
  4. Under Playback select High quality streaming
  5. To ensure you get high quality you should clear your Spotify cache folder (you can get that path in Preferences > Cache
  6. Browse to that path (shortcut is to go to Start > Run > %appdata% and <Enter> then change “Roaming” to “Local” in the path
  • Example: my path was C:\Users\myprofilename\AppData\Local\Spotify\Storage
  • You should kill the Spotify app first as it will keep some of the files open and prevent deletion

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